Attention Non-profit Fundraising and Resource Development Professionals: Proven Direct Response Strategist and Moneymaking Copywriter, John Keever proclaims there’s hidden wealth in your faith-based charity and his challenge will be to FIND IT!

Expand YOUR Donor Base – Boost YOUR Donor Revenues – and Transform YOUR Faith-based Non-Profit into a Powerhouse for Good in Your Community!

Fellow Fundraising Professional,

What will propel your Christ-centric mission-driven charity to the next level?

Let’s be honest, it’s support – and support means money!

Your mission is vital – and worthy of the support you raise now, but how much more good work could you bless those in need if money were no object?

Truth is; money will ALWAYS be an object – a stumbling block to your faith-based non-profit doing the absolute best work it can do. You need to raise more – and that’s just what I’d like to help you accomplish.

I’m John Keever, a proven moneymaking copywriter and marketing strategist – and I can help your non-profit get more donors and raise more money – faster – by unleashing the awesome power of direct response!

It takes more than just good feelings on behalf of your donors to acquire the size of gifts you need to achieve your goals – you need someone to help clarify and communicate your vision in the most dynamic terms possible.

And you need someone to clearly, creatively and purposefully make direct appeals to fund your mission. 

That’s what I do!

And I can do it for you too.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves …

Chances are, you’re sitting on a gold mine of untapped resources. And with no strategy for realizing your mission’s full potential you’ll struggle to raise the support you need to merely survive – let alone thrive.

It’s time to uncover the hidden value in your organization. The money’s there – you just need to tap into it – and I can show you how!

Why don’t you get in touch in with me for your FREE 9-Point Non-profit Prosperity Analysis – Use it to find the money to take your non-profit to the next level – and beyond!

What are the 9-Points?

Very simply put; if I were to walk into a FOR-profit small business as an outside consultant with the goal of making a big splash in the first 60-days – and doubling profits over time, these are the strategies I’d employ.

The 9-Point Non-profit Prosperity Analysis was designed to help you:

Identify the Opportunities within your organization – and find the money you need to take your mission-driven charity to the next level …

Act on those Opportunities – helping you extract the hidden wealth you identify …

And finally … Give you some action steps for your first 60 days

And so much more!

Caution: It’s not a report, it’s more like an outline of ideas – and will require some level of marketing sophistication.

For your copy, all you need to do is fill-out the Contact form below – and very briefly describe what your charity does and your role and I’ll shoot it over to you as soon as possible!

But don’t delay – if you’re serious about boosting support and increasing donor revenue; write today.


John Keever

PS: I see this as a real watershed moment for your non-profit; three paths lie before you:

You can bury your head in the sand and ignore what might be your only opportunity to raise your support to the crucial levels you need to sustain and propel your mission forward.

You could continue along the same path as always, grumbling about your meager resources and feeling frustrated over the help you “can’t” provide … or …

You can TAKE CONTROL of your mission’s future by getting the guidance you need to uncover the hidden wealth in your organization and allow me to help you find the money you need to transform your faith-based non-profit into an unstoppable force for good in your community.

Frankly, only one of these paths makes any sense – contact me today – and let’s get started finding YOUR hidden value!

PPS: The 9-Point Non-profit Prosperity Analysis is my FREE GIFT to you – think of it as an idea-generator that’ll help you get on the road to boosting support levels, expanding your donor base and enabling you to be a blessing for the most people. I hope you prayerfully consider my proposal, then take action – contact me today.

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