Salvation Army’s Relevant Challenge

Going strong 150 years and counting!

Feeding the poor, sheltering the homeless and providing any number of good works and services, the Salvation Army has risen to the challenge for the past 150 years.

This year they challenge YOU!

That’s right – beginning January 5, the Boundless International Bible Reading Challenge kicks off. The Salvation army is calling on Christians around the world to read through the entire New Testament in one year.

Hey, you can buy a set of CDs and LISTEN to the entire New Testament in about 10 hours – I think you can handle a little reading assignment like this and meet this challenge within the space of a year. But if you’re not a daily Bible reader you may still find this a bit daunting, after all the average American only reads about one book a year!

Trust me – you can do this.

Here’s a link to the website to learn all about the challenge:

You can even download the study guide for FREE.

If you’re wondering why I’m promoting the Salvation Army’s New Testament challenge …

I have a friend at work, his name is David – he has very eclectic reading tastes, with a keen interest in the paranormal, conspiracy and all things esoteric. I’ve seen some pretty fascinating book titles sitting on his desk. Yet I wonder if he, like so many of us – including me … get caught up in reading books ABOUT the Bible – rather than reading the Good Book itself.

I think it’s time for a challenge like this.

I’ve attended Bible Studies where most of the instruction and illumination came from commentaries – and not necessarily the inspired text itself. Let the Bible speak to you directly.

The foreword to the Salvation Army’s Study Guide warns: If we fail to read scripture, we are SEVERELY weakened!

I don’t accept that the Bible is difficult to read – after all – it’s in ENGLISH! (of course if you don’t speak English, you can find one in your language too – point is, there’s no excuse)

The Salvation Army has identified a serious weakness in our culture; Bible illiteracy – and I applaud them for bringing everyone back to the well.

Don’t you feel you could get through a book in a year – that a narrator can get through in just 10 hours?

I hope so.

So join me, and a world-wide group of believers, along with the Salvation Army, to meet this challenge head-on. The New Testament is an exciting book filled with the very words and wisdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It details the spread of the early church, chronicles the call and ministry of the Apostles, documents the writings of Paul and delivers the powerful imagery of the Revelation!

It’s the absolute perfect place to renew your studies of Holy Scripture.

I can’t wait.

John Keever

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