Let’s Go to the Movies …

Sunday night I sat down, and for the first time watched Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. You know the one, starring Donny Osmond. If you haven’t seen it, I’d highly recommend it as a pleasant diversion and fun evenings entertainment.

I don’t think I could ruin much for you, telling you about the movie, after all, just read Genesis starting at chapter 37. Still, I won’t give away any surprises – and there are a few.

One thing I found to be a welcome change was the comedy. Overall, this was a funny musical!

And wait ’til you see the Pharaoh – nuff said …

I bring up this movie, because I was surprised at how good it was, and how close they stayed to the Bible story (while keeping it fun). You’ve no doubt seen the hodge-podge of fiction and Bible squeezed into one film called Noah by now. NOT the new one coming out this spring – but the TV movie starring Jon Voight. Oh my – that was a complete joke – for one, Noah and Lot in the same story … sheesh!

I don’t expect much these days when it comes to Bible story films.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen a good Jesus film since Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. For all its controversy, it DID show the resurrection – ON THE BIG SCREEN!

At the end of this month another highly anticipated Bible based film is coming to a theatre near you – Son of God!

Can’t wait.

I have high hopes this will be a massively successful Hollywood production and we’ll get to see more – perhaps one about John the Baptist!

The advanced word on this film is that evangelicals and other Christians of all stripes will be pleased – but we’ve heard that before. From what I’ve seen (just in trailers), looks pretty good, and they appear to have kept it straight – taking scenes directly from the Gospels. I’ll give you the heads up as soon as I see it – plan to go the first weekend it’s out.

I can’t resist any movie with Jesus in it, even a bad one. One night I sat through Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter … and THAT was a real stink-a-roo.

Just a couple of weeks ago I saw the new Jesus Christ Superstar film. It was released in 2013, featuring a big concert arena performance. I call this the Spice Girl Edition – because Melanie C (just ask your now grown teenaged daughter) or Sporty Spice played Mary Magdalene. And let me say this about that … Melanie’s aged well, but has just enough road miles on her that she really brought authenticity to that role. Hope you take that the right way. I enjoyed this presentation.

The point of all this is that we should demand Hollywood get it right when it comes to depicting Biblical characters on screen. If they want to tell a different story – then they should tell a DIFFERENT story.

We need to vote with our wallets, because that’s the only language they understand. If the film is good – go see it, support it, enjoy a night out and stand up for our Christian values.

If a good film tanks at the box office – it’s OUR FAULT and we get stuck with Hollywood B-movie knockoffs like Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter!

Why is this so important?

Easy, nobody reads anymore. If we allow movies to be made that depict fictionalized accounts from the Bible, it won’t be but a generation or two before we’ve lost the truth!

How many people watch historical dramas and think that’s the way it really was? These movies need to get it right – or we lose our heritage.

Tell me what you think – what’s YOUR favorite faith-based film?

Keep the faith,

John Keever

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