Bible Recall

BIBLE RECALL: 50-Verses in 30-Days!

You up for the challenge?

3 Compelling Reasons Why YOU Should ACCEPT this CHALLENGE and GRAB this Amazing Faith-building Report – Today:

=> Jesus wielded the awesome power of memorized scripture when confronted by the Devil in the desert – and VANQUISHED him!

=>Bible Recall illuminates Bible Study, bringing the scriptures to life, making them a living, breathing part of you.

=> And finally, Bible Recall transforms prayer with faith-building mountain-moving power! You can’t know the Will of God without knowing the Words of God.

This spectacular study delivers an “easy to follow system,” for internalizing 50 Bible verses in 30-days for instant recall whenever you need them!

Not only that … but I GIVE YOU YOUR FIRST 50-Verses!

I wanted to make this super-easy for you – so you can get started right away – I pre-selected 50-verses … including passages on the Gospel, prophecies of Jesus from the Old Testament, fulfilled in the New and a selection of popular Bible verses on a variety of subjects.

Best of all – it’s ONE HUNDRED PERCENT FREE!

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John Keever