Ambitious Hoax Rears its Ugly Head …

The latest attack on the inspired Word of God – and on Jesus comes from an alleged 1500 year old Bible found in Turkey.

This book contains the Gospel of Barnabas, rejecting the crucifixion of Christ, alleging rather that Jesus ascended into heaven while alive. Found in 2000, it was kept secret by the Turkish government – but now the Vatican has requested access to allow its experts to examine the volume.

St Barnabas was an early Christian and disciple of Christ – the book attributed to him denies Jesus’ deity, claiming He was NOT the Son of God, but a prophet who spoke the word of God. The apostle Paul is called an imposter and Islam’s Prophet Muhammad is prophesied.

So tell me …

Does one lone book, which may prove to be truly ancient, qualify as the deathblow to all of Christianity?

In a word – NO.

For one, this Gospel of Barnabas is an obvious latecomer written after the original Gospels. Plus it does not have the preponderance of evidence behind it that the Gospels do in sheer volume. There are nearly 5000 extant copies of early Gospel writings, suggesting they were the recognized, inspired accounts, preserved, and handed down – distributed widely amongst the early church.

In my report, The Great Debate, Quest for the Superior Bible Version, I argued: The point needs to be emphasized that the preponderance of the Greek New Testament witness, over 5200 texts support the traditional or received text underlying the King James.

Of course, I was arguing for the superiority of the King James Bible over the modern translations, but the sheer weight of the evidence is relevant here as well. In fact, if you don’t have a copy of this eye-opening report, just shoot me an email and request it, I’ll be delighted to send you a copy – absolutely free.

But that’s only the beginning of the problems with this work of … oh, I’ll go ahead and say it – FICTION!

According to Syriac scholars the Aramaic that this work is written in is filled with grammatical errors, suggesting a probable forgery – and the speculation is that this is a forgery from the Middle Ages, committed, as some believe, by a Jewish scholar.

Plus – is it really 1500 years old as the media claims? According to the main inscription in the book itself it was written by monks in 1500 AD – that’s not the same as 1500 years ago … more like 500.

There are other problems that should bother Islamists too. For instance, this book speaks of nine heavens with the tenth called Paradise, while the Qur’an only names seven.

I think the prevailing theory that this work of nonsense was written by a European Jew in the middle ages, who mixed elements both of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is probably correct. Why he perpetrated this hoax, I don’t think we’ll ever know, unless it was simply to create doubt and dissention in all.

Study the history of the true Bible. See for yourself the rich history and very real evidence that supports the case for Jesus as the Messiah!

He is risen!

John Keever

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